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Legislative and Public Policy

An impressive assortment of healthcare clients and stakeholders choose Southern Health Lawyers
on legislative and regulatory policy matters. We develop specifically tailored advocacy services to
assist with the navigation of complex public policy challenges. Our well-respected lawyers within the
field customize our complete body of resources to the needs of a broad group of health care
organizations. Our distinguished public policy practice closely observes healthcare legislation, often
communicating with leading policymakers to advocate our clients’ interests. Our multi-disciplinary
insight and far-reaching connections help us provide creative solutions to any advocacy need. The
bipartisan attorneys at Southern Health Lawyers are both public and private sector savvy and can
offer direct lobbying support, which enables us to also assist our clients in the strategic planning of
legislative and regulatory policies. Our showcase of professional experience and knowledge of
public policy, government relations, and advocacy, prepares our clients to successfully engage and
connect with all levels of government. We maintain regular communication with federal and state
agencies that monitor the healthcare environment and have extensive understanding of the
intricacies of government. Because of our consistent interaction with prominent influencers, our team
is distinctively equipped to aid in building relationships with government officials and policy makers,
achieving the most favorable policy objective results. Substantive knowledge of an issue, in depth
understanding of legislative process, and strong relationships with policymakers comprise our
comprehensive approach to legislative efficacy.