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At Southern Health Lawyers, our clients depend on experienced and knowledgeable counsel in pursuit of their interests. In an age of unprecedented scrutiny and record-breaking civil and criminal penalties for non-compliance, having counsel who provide practical solutions and assist in developing and implementing a compliancy strategy is pivotal. The attorneys at Southern Health Lawyers vigorously defend the interests of our clients regardless of the judicial arena with all of our attorneys. Whether Southern Health Lawyers must delicately cooperate with regulatory agencies, provide counsel to an investigation or audit, or develop an assertive defense strategy for our clients, we possess comprehensive resources and the legal expertise required. At Southern Health Lawyers, we understand the challenges healthcare providers and corporations experience daily, and our attorneys possess extensive knowledge of state and federal law as well as regulatory statutes. Our tailor-made proactive approach for each individual situation ensures our clients receive effective and efficient counsel, developing a strategy which works to prevent violations of the law before they occur while limiting exposure to civil and criminal litigation.