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Arbitration & Mediation

Southern Health Lawyers Healthcare Arbitration & Mediation Practice is becoming increasingly utilized by our clients as an Alternative Dispute Resolution which avoids the unwieldy costs and unpredictable outcomes of judicial proceedings. Clients are often better served by negotiated solutions, and at the Southern Health Lawyers, our nationally recognized attorneys have years of experience in the practice of Arbitration and Mediation. Specifically, many of our attorneys possess certificates and degrees focusing on specialized healthcare subjects and are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced on a plethora of healthcare matters.

At Southern Health Lawyers, we understand that arbitration and mediation can be pivotal, amongst others, for liability suits, and employment and vendor relationships. Our attorneys work tirelessly not only to ensure our clients are awarded the most advantageous result, but we also remain proactive, regularly implementing comprehensive arbitration programs to ensure our Alternative Dispute Resolution agreements are enforced in the courts.