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Clinical Integration

At The Sanders Law Firm, we understand the adaptation of the physician-hospital relationship in which provider payment is increasingly being tied to results, efficiency, quality and access of service. Today’s market demands the physician-hospital integration concept and the formation of other alliances including clinical integration and provider-owned payment organizations. The attorneys at The Sanders Law Firm understand all facets of this challenge as well as the inherent complexities and intricacies of consolidating multiple interests. This delicate relationship may take many forms, and the multi-disciplinary, experienced attorneys at The Sanders Law Firm provide counsel and assess physician relationships dealing with Anti-Kickback, Stark, the Civil Monetary Penalties Law, and state fraud and abuse laws. Whether our clients are experiencing issues with physician compensation or seeking counsel on policy or strategy, the attorneys at The Sanders Law Firm use their extensive knowledge and resources to enable our clients to continue to pursue their economic objectives.