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Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring

At Southern Health Lawyers, we are committed to providing high-quality legal services to healthcare providers in corporate and regulatory matters for a reasonable fee.  We have tremendous experience in all areas of Healthcare law.  Our team of attorneys offer their expertise in assisting Healthcare providers when faced with the unfortunate circumstance of bankruptcy. There are many components to this specialized area of practice.  We will partner with you confidently and address the needs of your organization or practice to navigate the complex elements involved in the bankruptcy process.  We evaluate options, manage negotiations, offer insight and protect our clients to ensure best possible outcomes in bankruptcy matters. 

Financial Restructuring and Reorganization

Our skilled attorneys at Southern Health Lawyers have a vast knowledge of corporate restructuring.  We represent debtors, creditors and contract counterparties.  With debtor clients, we advise on debt restructuring, asset sales, corporate governance and valuation.  We maximize value for our clients in the acquisition and sale of companies and assets of distressed asset purchases.  For secured creditors, we assist in navigating the process of liquidating collateral, foreclosures, restructurings and bankruptcy filings.

We offer the same expertise in bankruptcy litigation, always protecting our clients and looking out for their best interest.  We have established ourselves as sound advisors to our clients as we work with boards of directors, in-house counsel, managers, and various other parties involved in bankruptcy litigation.  We help mitigate any actions considered preferences before filing for bankruptcy as well as safeguarding against fraudulent transfers